Micci Cohan October Studio News

October 25, 2015

Hello Folks! October is flying by so  fasssst >>>> wow!  ! The crisp fall air is giving me a new spark creatively and I’ve been keeping those senses brave! Commissions keeping me busy lately as well as some other projects, and the workshops. Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing fall weather we’ve been having! Below […]

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Magnetic Mish Mash

February 13, 2014

Hope everyone is enjoying 2014 so far!  Happy Valentine’s Day!! I’m still here! I know it’s been a while since the last post and newsletter, I’ve been busy with the unfolding of a new chapter. I’ve been trying to manage my time most efficiently and take one day at a time. Most importantly though, I am focusing on making sure to […]

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Healing the Heart: The Gifts of Forgiveness

May 21, 2013

Hello Folks! I’ve been lets just say lately, on the road for a while now in an in between state coming up for air here after months of what had to be one the greatest most challenging times. An awakening has begun and a calm setting in finally allowing me to get back on track […]

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Ode To The Beastie Boys Song, “Hey Ladies”!t

November 11, 2010

From Left to Right: 1- Cindy Sherman’s Untitled, Gelatin silver print,1975. Cindy Sherman has always been one of my favorite photographers. She’s best known for her conceptual portraits dealing with the role and representation of women in society,the media and the nature of the creation of art. 2- My Island Wind painting, 2010. 3- Voices, […]

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New Collage – Paco Ramona

January 22, 2009

Hey Folks! This is a new collage just finished up and wanted to share it.  Paco because it’s a big Picasso Mamma! And Ramona because Joey Ramone and his Bro’s. are in it and are being swaddled by the Mamma! (one Ramone is missing though not intentional!, he ended up in another piece). Again and […]

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