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Hope all of you are enjoying this glorious start to Summer! I am so grateful for so much right now; for my workshops at the Mermaid Art Studio and all the beautiful inspiring creative souls that come to paint and make jewelry each time, the kids too which I’ve had the opportunity to teach there who never cease to amaze me with their freedom and spontaneity, my home right now which has amazing light to paint in and a spectacular view of the bay and with all the shells and drift wood collected make it a really beautiful beach abode. My bike that takes me everywhere because I don’t drive, that is yet, hope to one day, Summer’s nature and it’s colors!, Also thankful for both the art and jewelry sales hitting a high last month ~ thanks to all my collectors and customers! As well as finally finding myself being able to balance both businesses side by side more healthfully that’s a biggie for me and last but not least, Mr. Muddy Waters and the one and only B.B. King! I’ve been listening to them nonstop lately while I paint and it does the trick each and every time~

Have a great weekend folks!


micci cohan home boho ring holder shell


Hand painted wood and clay necklaces in shop!

Cowrie Shell, Tibetan Turquoise Beaded Long Hoop Earrings


sm use Micci Cohan contemporary artist ny

“The Enchantress”  © Micci Cohan 2015     Shop here~


ccc419e8c717805b4d699b0075fc9a30 “The Serenity Portrait” © Micci Cohan 2015  Shop here

blog micci cohan original mixed media books 2015

Lots of Mixed Media Book time lately~

“Mystica”  © Micci Cohan 20

Back with Saatchi online gallery! Starting to add prints for sale with them~
My “Mystica” print is up now for sale there. Society 6 creates beautiful quality prints and a great selection of frames as well.


I have to thank Sean, for inspiring me to delve into the world of totems! Sean and I worked on this one together and had so much fun!





Click on photo to learn more about my Workshops!



Lusting after  >> Textile / Wrapping / Weaving >>


Australian artist: Natalie Miller / Weaving in the field

When I happened upon this photo a while ago I just completely fell in love and was so inspired! That color! That weaving against that luscious green field Wow! Lately I’ve been craving to play and create with fabrics, yarns, ribbons, strings, ropes …. basically anything I can make tassels with, wrap bracelets and necklaces with as well as weave with. How great it was a couple of weeks ago to try my hand at wrapping bracelets, I had wrapped before forever ago but much more simple in the designs, this time I really tried to create something a top notch up in the flavor if my jewelry collection. I had so much fun making the bracelets below especially this time with the adding of crystals and shells! The best was sharing my new luv at one of my Jewelry Workshops at the Mermaid Art Studio here in Long Beach. Soon after my friend and teacher Laura at the Studio gave me a quick weaving tutorial one day and the necklace below here is my first try at weaving. I can’t wait to make more!

micci Cohan Ny Artistvv Jewelry

Micci Cohan

First try at weaving~Woven pendant tassel ~ For sale in shop

Wrapped ones / top right


DIY  Traveling Brush Cases

For years I’ve traveled with my Paint brushes like this> >

Create your own makeup brush holder with a bamboo place mat and ribbon!


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and had to share this cute make up brush idea below

Make-Makeup-Brush-Roll-Holder-Sushi-Mat-Steps-Recycle-Upcycle-Cheap Crafts-Project-Ideas-teens-Party-Gift

DIY  From


Pour some color on me!


Have a great week y’all!!!


by on May 2, 2015


Yes!  It’s been quite a while since last post! wow! I have missed blogging new projects, art commissions workshops and the jewelry biz keeping me real busy last couple of months.  I finally got my new website / Store up and running! please stop by if have a chance!  My art, jewelry, prints, products all for sale in site as well as info about commissions and workshops. It’s so nice having it all together under one umbrella! Please stop by if have a chance~ : !


website banner


Updates From The Studio

by on February 28, 2015


Hello folks! Studio happenings->>>> With the Jewelry I Kind of took a little plunge into the minimal with my new hand painted one of a kind wooden and clay collection. This collection is inspired by some of my paintings as well as some favorite painters of mine. I loved working with wood and clay again and composing with color as if I was composing a painting. These are bold, expressive and wonderfully playful! I’ve been wearing them with my favorite black cashmere sweater for days ! They also look stunning worn with a grey or white v-neck jersey or tee! I think I also will be making some cool modern talismans next with clay so keep your eyes peeled for those. My Workshops at the Mermaid Art Studio, both Mixed Media and Jewelry are going great, a beautiful tribe is a building with both and I’m feeling very blessed. Doing a lot of thinking lately about re-opening my shopify store and moving away from the esty platform slowly because of the changes they have made uhmmm we’ll see… In the next weeks to come I’m planning to concentrate more on the painting and I’m very excited for warmer weather hopefully to come soon. Hope you all are great and your creativity is abundantly flowing forward! Have the best weekend!!!

blog micci cohan wooden beaded clay necklaces

micci cohan 2012

micci cohan collage for blog

collage for blo wooden necklaces__


Color palette inspiration~a collage of mine from 2011

Sade’s Dream II Charm Bracelet  in Store Now!



blog blue umbrella girl 2015ready2015for

Brella Girl I, 2005 Oil, acrylic & collage on un-stretched canvas 57 .5 x 36 inches

This painting was commissioned for the upper east side store called, Brella Bar in NYC 2005. It is now on sale in the Art store!

fb size ready blue umbrella girl


Luv this hat so much! My fav hat ever has always been the Greek cap and crazy is the fact that I found it around the corner at Moku Long Beach Surf Shop!



Sally King Benedict

Sally King Benedict


Micci Cohan Workshop

Come join me this Fri Jan 30th 7-9pm at The Mermaid Art Studio in Long Beach, NY for another Jewelry Workshop! Just a wee note~~Every workshop has a theme but if anyone wishes to create something other then that theme I am more then happy to teach and guide them. This week we’ll be learning the techniques for creating beautiful charm bracelets > chunky or a dainty simple style~whatever your preference may be. Walk-ins welcome or to register online go to: