My Little Piece of Heaven / Teaching at THE MERMAID ART STUDIO <> 2014- 2015

by on January 21, 2016


micci cohan teaching mermaid art studio

large micci cohan outside mermaid studio

Sadly, the Mermaid closed it’s doors at the end of December. My time there has been nothing less of a tremendous blessing! I am so grateful for every minute! Such a jewel, and how could it have not been with the owners such passionate and dedicated individuals who everyday worked so hard to make a difference with creativity and art with every precious little soul that walked through that door. ~ Thank you Denise and Laura again so much for such an amazing opportunity! Many great memories with the kids, and so many amazing projects created, all of their beautiful art and the abundant inspiration from it will always be so treasured by me.

So many times with these wonderful kids I found myself tapping into my own well of memories of what it was like at that their age to create, trying to see through their eyes as they began their project. I know for me, I didn’t have the kind of focus I saw them have at times and would just be in awe of it, they were in that excited state under that luminous creative spell. There’s nothing quite like seeing a child in that state. I would always say, “Jeez, whats in the Long Beach water! Cause these kids are so explosively creative!”

(*Currently, I have recently been offering In home private art lessons to all ages here in the West end of Long Beach. I will be posting more info. soon about the details.)

My painting and jewelry workshops for tweens and adults there were just as magical, so many deep soul connections were made with kindred creatives whom I also will be forever inspired by.  At the moment I am searching for another space to keep these workshops going and will post info as soon as find new space.

Here is a little collection of photos I thought would be nice to share with y’all!


small mermaid micci cohan

 ny artist micci cohan teaching mermaid studio

ny artist teacher micci cohan

ny artist micci cohan teaching

micci cohan ny artist

micci cohan ny artist _m



ny artist micci cohan_j

micci cohan ny artist gg

ny artist micci cohan bb


micci cohan  ny artist n




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