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by on October 25, 2015

Hello Folks! October is flying by so  fasssst >>>> wow!  ! The crisp fall air is giving me a new spark creatively and I’ve been keeping those senses brave! Commissions keeping me busy lately as well as some other projects, and the workshops. Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing fall weather we’ve been having! Below I’ve shared some new pieces that are now on sale in my store, some inspiring snaps and a Jewelry Workshop Video I created. 

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© 2015 Micci Cohan “Keep The Ball Rolling” // Now  available in  store!

 Be patient Painting micci cohan new york 027

© 2015 Micci Cohan “Be Patient Everything Comes To You In The Right Moment” // Now  available in store!



Cy Twombly




dmicci cohan empress painting

© 2015 Micci Cohan   “The Empress” Now  available in store

ny artist micci cohan 2015

© 2015 Micci Cohan  ”Flesh from Stone, Awaken Portrait” // Now  available in store


<> I created this video for my Up-Cycle Jewelry Making Workshop at The Mermaid Art Studio. The workshop has been blossoming into quite the magical gathering and I wanted to share a snapshot of it with you all! It’s truly been an amazing journey to be meeting so many wonderful creative souls and to see their creations come to fruition and then the shining smiles that follow.

<> There is something so undeniably beautiful about creating in a group together, sharing ideas and having laughs whilst sipping your favorite beverage all within a warm and beautiful environment. If you have attended already you’ll know how stimulating it is to work on new styles and meet others that enjoy jewelry making as much as you do.

<> So come join us! Express your individuality, you know that goddess inside of you is teeming to get out! Learn how to make your own one of a kind stunning statement pieces. I teach many of my signature styles as well as offer a variety of designs to choose from, we also explore the many elements of jewelry design, such as; materials, texture, color, shape, and rhythm.!

<> Though we supply materials we encourage folks to bring in anything from home they would like to up-cycle. I will help you turn it into a beautiful one of a kind & unique statement piece > promise!!

*With the holiday season approaching this workshop is a perfect opportunity for making some gifts for friends and family! If you wish to book your very own Jewelry Workshop for yourself and friends please feel free to contact me at miccicohan@yahoo.com.
<> Sign up at www.themermaidartstudio.com / walk-ins also welcome!

” Adornment enlightens the mind and inspires the creative passion allowing every woman to express her individual personality in a very special way”


Micci Cohan NYC Jewelry

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