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by on May 12, 2015


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Australian artist: Natalie Miller / Weaving in the field

When I happened upon this photo a while ago I just completely fell in love and was so inspired! That color! That weaving against that luscious green field Wow! Lately I’ve been craving to play and create with fabrics, yarns, ribbons, strings, ropes …. basically anything I can make tassels with, wrap bracelets and necklaces with as well as weave with. How great it was a couple of weeks ago to try my hand at wrapping bracelets, I had wrapped before forever ago but much more simple in the designs, this time I really tried to create something a top notch up in the flavor if my jewelry collection. I had so much fun making the bracelets below especially this time with the adding of crystals and shells! The best was sharing my new luv at one of my Jewelry Workshops at the Mermaid Art Studio here in Long Beach. Soon after my friend and teacher Laura at the Studio gave me a quick weaving tutorial one day and the necklace below here is my first try at weaving. I can’t wait to make more!

micci Cohan Ny Artistvv Jewelry

Micci Cohan

First try at weaving~Woven pendant tassel ~ For sale in shop

Wrapped ones / top right


DIY  Traveling Brush Cases

For years I’ve traveled with my Paint brushes like this> >

Create your own makeup brush holder with a bamboo place mat and ribbon!


af60e344f4bcbb23e3897eb5638b5bd8 (1)

and had to share this cute make up brush idea below

Make-Makeup-Brush-Roll-Holder-Sushi-Mat-Steps-Recycle-Upcycle-Cheap Crafts-Project-Ideas-teens-Party-Gift

DIY  From


Pour some color on me!


Have a great week y’all!!!

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