Kick’n Back In Istanbul!

by on May 9, 2011



Here I'm wishing I had four stomachs! Fav outdoor Cafe so far!

Been in Istanbul for a week now comfortably settled in with family here, and just overwhelmed with the wave of new energy I feel here! April and May are the best months to come here, the weather is perfect, sunny, a bit on the cool side right now and breezy. I thought I’d be blogging from here more but what was I thinking? I can hardly sit still for a minute! Everyday off to somewhere new photographing tons and painting in between. My mother n law’s food is unbelievable and she and my sister n law amaze me with their seemingly effortless swift as ever culinary preparations. If you think Italy is the place for food I have to argue that the Turks got it going on here. Endless heaping courses topped off with incredible deserts which they call ‘pasta’ here and even though I can’t eat much of it because I can’t have a lot of sugar it doesn’t stop me from sneaking a bite and trying each and every one out. I’ll be going this week to search for some new supplies for the jewelry and we’ll be heading to some favorite spots of mine as well. As far as inspiration goes it was lit as soon as I stepped off the plane!  Here’s some shots from the past week.

Loved this rock wall on beach


Friend Emel's Organic garden


Some Pasta's (desserts)!


Erdal, me and friends in the garden picking veggies for dinner


Beautiful Turkish beach horses I want to ride one day


Erdal takes me on a wild ride-I laughed and screamed so loud the fishes heard me!


Turkish coffee at family's house



Sister Cigdem and me


Colassal amounts of dried fruits and nuts!

I'm so inspired by these colors!



Family garden where I love to sit to read and paint


Market time


Erdal's beautiful grandmother


Cigdem me and Erdal on Kilyos cliff

Hey Yo! Doing a little happy dance in the street!


Stroll'n beach side

Until next time! Hope your all great and to all the Mother’s, Hope you had a great mother’s day!



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