Colorful Grattitude

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Seriously Luv! Ashley Goldberg‘s art

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Alabama St. Long Beach 2014


Micci Cohan Contemporary nyc artist

Gratefulness! Remembering to keep it upfront


What a HUG!

micci cohan nyc jewely and art

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Paper Pin Wheels

Micci Cohan NYC Jewelry contemporary art blog

One of the new ones in the store:  The Tepee Double Tassel Necklace

Flora S. Bowley painting

Flora S. Bowley painting / LUV the one hanging!


Hi Folks! I found this stone Buddha above washed up on shore the other day! I couldn’t believe it

when I reached for it I thought it was going to be plastic but it was stone! I think the universe felt me letting go…

I was kind of emotionally numb walking that day because I have a lot going on in my head at once. It was an amazing clear perfect spring day at beach and there was an unusual amount of shells so I was very excited! What amazing gifts the ocean can give huh! and within the perfect moments sometimes!

Anyway’s you all have the best weekend / Holiday!!





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Micci Cohan sketch book original moroccan bouquet march 14

© Micci Cohan 2014  / A Moroccan Bouquet / Sketchbook

Micci Cohan NYC Jewelry ethnic colorful bohemian necklace


Micci Cohan Contemporary NYC Artist

New pieces dropping into the store every week !



yep!  some   S     K      Y !


Check these out! “New Age Demanded” Digital Sculptures by Artist Jon Rafman

Artist Jon Rafman uses software to digitally render sculptures and then applies Internet-sourced images to them. The works of many recognizable artists are re-appropriated in this on-going series of work, entitled “New Age Demanded”.







 1. It is a natural part of us. There is a drive within all of us to create and express ourselves through art. Observe any child with box full of crayons and a piece of paper and you will see it. I believe that drive comes from a need to achieve a balance within ourselves. That balance is felt when you are creating something exactly as you wish it to be. Sometimes other forms of communication may fail to allow us to express ourselves completely, and this is when we turn to art.

2. Records the emotions of society. It is important that we know our history. We learn the dates, people and places of important events, and we even learn why and how they occurred. Art gives us a different insight into our history. It shows us how those events impacted the people living them. Through art we learn the joy felt during times of happiness and we see the pain and despair during times of suffering. We see the hopes and the dreams, or the fears and regrets of the past. Through art we gain a better understanding of how the events throughout history have shaped us into what we are today.

3. Helps us achieve a better self awareness. We live in a fast-paced world of quick decisions and fragmented thoughts. Creating art allows us to slow down and experience the full range of our emotions. Viewing the art of others can give rise to emotions within us and help us explore and interpret what we are feeling. Understanding our emotions can help us heal, grow and improve ourselves. Increasing our self awareness through art can lead to more success both personally and professionally.

4. Encourages critical thinking and better communication. When we create art we make decisions throughout the entire process. When we view art we make decisions on how to interpret what we are seeing. We use logic and reason to attribute meaning to what we see or what we create. Because art has such an emotional connection to us, these choices are passionate to us. We learn to defend them and explain them to others. Art not only helps strengthen our critical thinking skills, but improves the way we communicate our thoughts and emotions to others.

5. Bridges the gap between cultures. Through art we gain a better understanding of cultures in the past, but it also gives us insight into various cultures of present day. There are no distance or language barriers in art, it is universal. By observing the creations of people from other cultures we can gain a better understanding of their lives. Through art we are able to get a glimpse of another persons existence through their eyes. It is a powerful tool that can improve communication and relationships between cultures.

6. Improves our daily lives. Art can make a community more beautiful. It makes the spaces we work in more interesting. Our homes reflect our personalities through the art we choose to display. It can inspire us, make us happy, or even motivate us. Living in a purely functional world would lack meaning for us as human beings. We need to express ourselves through art and we need to surround ourselves with the expressions of others. We always have, and we always will.

Micci Cohan collage

collage from 2010

smMicci Cohan painting 2013

My Prada girls

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

Bull de Savon via Ambidex Store

Bull de Savon via Ambidex Store

Bulle De Savon

damien hirst anatomy of an angel

Damien Hirst anatomy of an angel




textNY Artist Micci Cohan Still Life Painting etsy


The career of Florine Stettheimer, (1871-1944) painter, poet, and designer, disproves the myth of the artist as a lonely and misunderstood genius, struggling to produce works that transcend his (and less frequently, her) own historical time and place. Stettheimer’s paintings are lively, diary like accounts of her life, but also acute examinations of upper-class ways in New York between the wars. Her decorative, figurative style, often characterized as feminine, offers an alternative to prevailing modes of contemporary modernist painting. Florine Stettheimer’s work and life are so inspirational to me!  I’m thankful for her amazing clarity and vision, her commitment to her art as well as finding ways of expressing contemporary insights and commentary without sacrificing beauty and humor.

A great read! This book presents an account of Stettheimer’s life and art, showing that her paintings provide a social commentary on American culture of her period. It examines her youth, her life abroad, and her friendship with such influential figures as Marcel Duchamp, Charles Demuth and Alfred Stieglitz.

Micci Cohan Contemporary artist blog ny

Micci Cohan Contemporary Art blog

Florine Stettheimer





Stettheimer was a dedicated, accomplished artist who was full of contradictions–she wanted to both avoid the critical spotlight andachieve recognition for her work. In her paintings and poetry she created and re-created the narrative of her life. In her imagery, narratives collide and split, time is erased and reordered. Perhaps this poem, published privately and posthumously in Crystal Flowers, 1949, gives us a glimpse into her elusive persona: (This poem is crazy BeAutifuL!!!)

A human being
Saw my light
Rushed in
Got singed
Got scared
Rushed out
Called fire
Or it happened
That he tried
To subdue it
Or it happened
That he tried to extinguish it
Never did a friend
Enjoy it
The way it was.
So I learned to
Turn it low
Turn it out
When I meet a
Out of courtesy
I turn on a soft
Pink light
Which is found
Even charming.
it is protection
Against wear
and tears…
And when
I am rid of
The Always-to-be-
I turn on my light
And become


>>>The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your
Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield >>>

Micci Cohan Blog_The-War-of-Art_angeled_1024x1024

What keeps so many of us from doing what we long to do? Why is there a naysayer within? How can we avoid the roadblocks of any creative endeavor—be it starting up a dream business venture, writing a novel, or painting a masterpiece?

The War of Art identifies the enemy that every one of us must face, outlines a battle plan to conquer this internal foe, then pinpoints just how to achieve the greatest success.

The War of Art emphasizes the resolve needed to recognize and overcome the obstacles of ambition and then effectively shows how to reach the highest level of creative discipline.

Think of it as tough love . . . for yourself.



Mara Hoffman eye shawl

Mara Hoffman eye shawl

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“Insist on yourself. Never imitate.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Magnetic Mish Mash

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Hope everyone is enjoying 2014 so far!

 Happy Valentine’s Day!!

EinsteinI’m still here! I know it’s been a while since the last post and newsletter, I’ve been busy with the unfolding of a new chapter. I’ve been trying to manage my time most efficiently and take one day at a time. Most importantly though, I am focusing on making sure to remind myself to be present in every moment and to passionately engage myself in everything I do. Along with that, want to say a big thank you to everyone for making this new chapter easier for me, wouldn’t be where I am now for sure without the kindness, generosity and love from all my friends and family as well as my followers and customers business and support whom I’m so grateful for! Yep! looking forward to the new adventures, inspirations and experiences to come in 2014!!

New goodies keep flood’n in to  MICCI COHAN NYC Store!!

Micci Cohan NYC Jewelry and Art 2014

Micci Cohan NYC Artist Painting interior design sale etsy

micci cohan nyc contemporary artist jewelry etsy


>>Feast your EYES on the incredible & brilliant kaleidoscop’n styl’n by the French stylist and blogger~ LOUIS PHILIPPE DE GAGOUE 

                             This guys work  and vision is Amazing! Could hardly take my eyes off of his blog today. Louis Philippe, you are a completely unique cat with such a beautiful and intense saturation of color and soul.

lpg3 smallll smallmmmmll ssssss smakkl



Another amazing artist:  >>>>JUSTINA BLAKENY>>>>


Justina Blakeney is a creative force to be reckoned with, a designer, maker and interior stylist working and living in LA with her husband and baby daughter, Ida Sky. Justina blogs about everything from fashion and interiors to plants, DIY projects and daily life in their eclectic ‘part jungle, part bungalow’ home. Recently named one of the best Home Decor Blogs by Refinery29, her work has also been featured on Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge. I will no doubt be following her Blog especially for the interior and DIY posts as well as her amazing Pinterest boards. Thanks to Justina Blakeney for leading me to find LOUIS PHILIPPE DE GAGOUE! Both of them and their colorful talents  have made me boil hot with a whole new vortex of inspiration! Justina’s DESIGN PHILOSOPHY  //  I believe that good design increases quality of life. I believe in vintage, organic and handmade. I believe in the healing power of plants, good light and fresh air.  I believe that objects carry the stories of their makers–so things that are made with love, care and good materials bring those qualities with them where-ever they go.  I believe in recycling. I believe in diversity. I believe that design can save the world.

 Below are examples of Justina Blakeney’s beautiful floral photographs, interiors and styling




Read about her PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY here~ Loved reading this!!

for blog

 Dylan quote and a self portrait of mine / 2008


Nezart design:mendi girl, tente village, southern highlands by malcolm kirk


Zaria Forman Landscape drawings using soft pastel on paper Saatchi Art

 Zaria Forman Landscape drawings using soft pastel on paper // Saatchi


 Caroline Slotte’s  insanely beautiful trash… carved from wood!

Micci Cohan

Self portrait in Honduras on cardboard

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micci cohan christmas art 2013

MeRRy Christmas to All !! Have yourselves the most joyful,
peaceful, healthy and happy holiday & New Years ever!

Sculptures and installations by Seattle-based artist John Grade

Sculptures and installations by Seattle-based artist John Grade see more


Korean artist Jee Young Lee transforms studio into incredible scenes (No photoshop!! used)

Micci Cohan 1999 Lucky strike xmas painting 1999An oldie from 1999


colourful bohemian indian room

Indian bedroom


 Painting by Melbourne-based Andrzej Nowicki. He was born in Poland, and grew up in South Africa. See more


Happy Yule // Stonehenge


 From Miami Art Basel 2013: Night Court, Ry Rocklen, 2013 Photography by Barbara Anastacio

Los Angeles artist Ry Rocklen talks about his continued fascination with trophies

“I think I fetishised trophies as a child, but I was never much of an athlete. I only won one trophy when I was a kid, for my basketball team, but for effort. But I didn’t score a single basket that entire year so I was somewhat devastated. I think my Trophy Modern series has been a way of me playing out a childhood fantasy. But there are also other aspects that are quite key. For instance, I love the system that I’ve appropriated to do. There are so many things that can be made in the Trophy Modern style and I’m just figuring out how to accomplish that within this very rigid system – everything is set at a 90 degree angle, every board is either a rectangle, square or triangle. Trophies are fascinating objects. They’re not the most attractive things, often garish and brash. Yet gathered in abundance, and arranged to recreate iconic American objects (a ping pong table, a chess board, bleachers), they garner added aesthetic appeal. Perhaps it’s the satisfying uniformity of gold-painted insignia, holographic columns, faux-marble laminates and fancy gold studs?


Mixed media drawing by Melbourne-based Jennifer Mills


Painting by artist Tristan Pigott

studio floor shot-april 2011

My cyclonic floor mess!


Incredible snow sculpting in China

long beach nyhorse shoe crab Collage

Having such a colossal fascination with the Horse Shoe Crab the discovery of this one literally made my year! Woah! We found this Monster of a Horseshoe Crab this week on Beach, it was HUGE! the biggest I had ever seen with shells attached to it and on it’s last leg. Turned it over and brought it to the water it was moving it’s legs and tail a little but when came back much later it hadn’t moved an inch. Guess it was it’s time.

Micci Cohan NYC etsy store

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micci cohan nyc jewelry 3

Micci Cohan

Reciprocal Grace, Mixed Media Painting On Masonite

Painting by Ben Quilty

Paintings by Ben Quilty


A big salute to one of my fav pair of jeans-Mavi’s 2008-the best Denim ever!


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