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Sadly, the Mermaid closed it’s doors at the end of December. My time there has been nothing less of a tremendous blessing! I am so grateful for every minute! Such a jewel, and how could it have not been with the owners such passionate and dedicated individuals who everyday worked so hard to make a difference with creativity and art with every precious little soul that walked through that door. ~ Thank you Denise and Laura again so much for such an amazing opportunity! Many great memories with the kids, and so many amazing projects created, all of their beautiful art and the abundant inspiration from it will always be so treasured by me.

So many times with these wonderful kids I found myself tapping into my own well of memories of what it was like at that their age to create, trying to see through their eyes as they began their project. I know for me, I didn’t have the kind of focus I saw them have at times and would just be in awe of it, they were in that excited state under that luminous creative spell. There’s nothing quite like seeing a child in that state. I would always say, “Jeez, whats in the Long Beach water! Cause these kids are so explosively creative!”

(*Currently, I have recently been offering In home private art lessons to all ages here in the West end of Long Beach. I will be posting more info. soon about the details.)

My painting and jewelry workshops for tweens and adults there were just as magical, so many deep soul connections were made with kindred creatives whom I also will be forever inspired by.  At the moment I am searching for another space to keep these workshops going and will post info as soon as find new space.

Here is a little collection of photos I thought would be nice to share with y’all!


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 ny artist micci cohan teaching mermaid studio

ny artist teacher micci cohan

ny artist micci cohan teaching

micci cohan ny artist

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© Micci Cohan 2015 

A recent portrait commission of mine of one awesome young lady and her pup from New Orleans. It’s a mixed media piece with lots of great texture on stretched canvas, 24 x 30 inch. Thank you again Maddie! and I really miss you both on my wall! Better photo of this one coming soon, this one’s a bit washed out but thought I’d share anywayz~ Have a great weekend y’all!



framed for blog

Starting to loosen up with the brush work, yes an echo of a yesteryear’s vision is pushing out and feels amazing. Here’s a shot of one in progress from Halloween ~ So many colorful and creative decorations and costumes this year around the neighborhood I was truly inspired later that night! Little pirate tricker treater, ghouls and goblins, green ghost faces, etc. started to appear out of the paint~   Also, getting ready for the pop up shops for the holiday season at the Mermaid Art Studio where I will be selling art and Jewelry with other artists and designers and will post the dates as soon as I know. Have a great week y’all!! 

micci cohan book art

<> Book Page <>

Summer bouquet (3)

 Detail of my “Summer Bouquet” 


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 Flash back  <> Upper east side studio


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“The Wise Bird Lady in The Forest” Collage <>  Now in Store!



Ryan Mcginley


The Museum Of Modern Art‎, MoMA || Exhibition: Picasso Sculpture through 2/7/2016



“Picasso Sculpture” now at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, is by turns staggering, intimate, revelatory, radiant, witty, and leisurely paced. Spanning a 60-year period, the show features 140 works, both large and small, reed thin and exaggeratedly rotund, that were cast in bronze, welded in iron, modeled in plaster, carved in wood, folded from sheet metal, and assembled from all sorts of flotsam and jetsam. Only the third retrospective ever devoted to Picasso’s sculpture, it is spaciously installed in the permanent collection galleries on the fourth floor.



< One of my favorite projects with Student at the Mermaid Art Studio >

Julie Wolfe - Lawless, 2014

Inspiring! artist Julie Wolfe’s “Lawless” 2014

ddddnov jewelry workshop  ist november

My Jewelry Workshop is going amazingly! Next one is Nov 20th >
if want to sign up go to > The Mermaid Art Studio



Hello Folks! October is flying by so  fasssst >>>> wow!  ! The crisp fall air is giving me a new spark creatively and I’ve been keeping those senses brave! Commissions keeping me busy lately as well as some other projects, and the workshops. Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing fall weather we’ve been having! Below I’ve shared some new pieces that are now on sale in my store, some inspiring snaps and a Jewelry Workshop Video I created. 

ny artist Micci Cohan Blog


© 2015 Micci Cohan “Keep The Ball Rolling” // Now  available in  store!

 Be patient Painting micci cohan new york 027

© 2015 Micci Cohan “Be Patient Everything Comes To You In The Right Moment” // Now  available in store!



Cy Twombly




dmicci cohan empress painting

© 2015 Micci Cohan   “The Empress” Now  available in store

ny artist micci cohan 2015

© 2015 Micci Cohan  ”Flesh from Stone, Awaken Portrait” // Now  available in store


<> I created this video for my Up-Cycle Jewelry Making Workshop at The Mermaid Art Studio. The workshop has been blossoming into quite the magical gathering and I wanted to share a snapshot of it with you all! It’s truly been an amazing journey to be meeting so many wonderful creative souls and to see their creations come to fruition and then the shining smiles that follow.

<> There is something so undeniably beautiful about creating in a group together, sharing ideas and having laughs whilst sipping your favorite beverage all within a warm and beautiful environment. If you have attended already you’ll know how stimulating it is to work on new styles and meet others that enjoy jewelry making as much as you do.

<> So come join us! Express your individuality, you know that goddess inside of you is teeming to get out! Learn how to make your own one of a kind stunning statement pieces. I teach many of my signature styles as well as offer a variety of designs to choose from, we also explore the many elements of jewelry design, such as; materials, texture, color, shape, and rhythm.!

<> Though we supply materials we encourage folks to bring in anything from home they would like to up-cycle. I will help you turn it into a beautiful one of a kind & unique statement piece > promise!!

*With the holiday season approaching this workshop is a perfect opportunity for making some gifts for friends and family! If you wish to book your very own Jewelry Workshop for yourself and friends please feel free to contact me at miccicohan@yahoo.com.
<> Sign up at www.themermaidartstudio.com / walk-ins also welcome!

” Adornment enlightens the mind and inspires the creative passion allowing every woman to express her individual personality in a very special way”


Micci Cohan NYC Jewelry


August / Studio Musings

by on August 12, 2015

 detail of studio wall / piece in progress

new art pictures april 2015 020

Mid August already! woah! the summer is zooming by and I have to say it’s been pretty darn amazing and with the best Birthday celebration ever! I sneak in the beach time between working and bike everywhere trying to get the most out of summer before it ends which is soon! eek!! I’ve been working hard on various commissioned portraits and loving it as well as creating a collection of smaller mixed media pieces. At the moment finding myself again being inspired by Gaugauin and Van Gogh and loving doing my studies of some of their paintings, it really helps me warm up before I start my day. Until next time > A great beautiful weekend to all!


Studio wall shot from July, my mapping it all out


Excited for this>> Iris Apfel Documentary


© Micci Cohan 2015 / My Portrait of Iris for sale here

“I don’t give a damn what you had for lunch or who you’re sleeping with – if you are so lucky.

It’s nobody’s business what your private parts look like” – Iris Apfel


in the sketchbook > one of my favorite Albums of all time~

Madonna photos by Richard Corman 1983 - hi-res

Madonna photo by Richard Coreman, lower East side early ’83


Madonna And Jean Michel Basquiat

photo (4)


Gauguin love!


dust me mural birthday

 Little Dust 2 years ago doing his thing on the famous door! >> Jen and my Birthday mural!


! de kooning !


I am having my annual summer sale! www.miccicohan.com


 Studies before starting commissions today


Kirchner love!


 nice spot for a picnic eh!


Van Gogh

etsy  Micci Cohan MIxed media collage

MarilynMinter_PartedWangechiMutu-e1338576263208                                     Marilyn Minter / Parted (Wangechi Muti) 24 x 30 inches / enamel on metal



Sonia Delaunay