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The first “Senses Be Brave” Workshop was truly an awesome night! An amazing experience infused with beautiful creative kindred spirits! Please come join us for another mixed media workshop this Friday Nov 21st, 7-9

$30 includes ALL materials
online in advance, $35 day of registration. Step by step instruction, but individual flare and flourish encouraged!
Feel free to bring the magical inspirational mermaid elixir of your choice!

This week we will be creating yet another Matisse inspired painting. No experience necessary as I will guide you easily through a night of energetic creativity! You will be amazed at the masterpiece you will create. Come play, explore and create in an intimate, soulful and laid back setting at the beautiful Mermaid Studio.
Absolutely no art experience necessary!

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Micci Cohan  Mixed Media Workshop

Micci Cohan Senses Be Brave workshop Mermaid art Studio

Micci Cohan Senses Be brave workshop

Stilllife Senses Be Brave Workshop

blog Micci Cohan Homage to Matiss'e Les Roses 2014




with border blank for picnicThis Thursday November 6,  7-9pm  &  Friday November 21,  7-9 pm

$30 advance registration online,$35 day of

Registration fee includes all materials * Bring the magical mermaid elixir of your choice!

 Explore mixed media making with NY artist Micci Cohan. You’ll be creating crafts, art, jewelry and more…  from an assortment of wonderful and eclectic materials. They’ll be many exciting ideas to choose from and just in time for the holidays for making your own unique gifts!

 Ignite your creative fire and detox from life’s load! Come play, explore and create in an intimate, soulful and laid back setting at the beautiful Mermaid Art Studio.

 Absolutely no art experience necessary!

Come join us and create a Matisse inspired still life! Like micci’s below.
Step by step instruction provided, individual flare and flourish encouraged!

Micci Cohan Mermaid studio Workshop Piece _Mixed Media

Also Micci’s Upcycled and recycled jewelry making Workshop coming

Thursday November 13, 7-9pm.

$30 per person

 She’ll will be teaching how to make one of her boho ~ style signature Necklaces from her 2014 collection. All materials will be supplied. Come join Micci and learn how to create a beautiful statement piece!

For Mermaid_Jewel Photo Micci Cohan

 ” Adornment enlightens the mind and inspires the creative passion allowing every woman to express her individual personality in a very special way” 


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 Hi folks!  Exciting news!


I will be offering the “SENSES BE BRAVE”


Mixed Media Crafting and Jewelry Making workshops


 in November at the Mermaid Studio, Long Beach, NY 






dsm2nd Senses Be Brave Card for Mermaid  -Micci Cohan

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The Dates:  Thursday/Nov 6th, “Senses Be Brave” Mixed Media ~ 7-9pm

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Thursday/Nov 13th, Ladies Night Jewelry Making ~ 7-9pm

Upcycled and recycled jewelry making / sign up here




Friday / Nov 21st /“Senses Be Brave” 

Mixed Media ~ 7-9pm

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*For all nights> BYOB optional~


To sign up now http://themermaidartstudio.com/register/


The Mermaid Art Studio
891B West Beech Street
Long Beach, NY 11561

Monday thru Friday: 4pm – 7pm
Saturday: 12pm – 5pm
Sunday: 1pm – 3pm

Other hours by appointment





Hi everyone! Wanted to share with you the new press release for MICCI COHAN NYC. Sept is off to a great start and real excited for the seasons new collection which will be trickling in to shop soon & some freelance art projects as well, we’ll keep ya posted~


blank for logo~The girl who wears MICCI COHAN NYC epitomizes the free spirited bohemian girl who’s fully confident in expressing her uniqueness, she owns her style and passionately adorns herself to tell her story ~ “My philosophy is to be yourself no matter what. My wish is to inspire people to embrace all, express their uniqueness, to be open and true and to live creatively always. I am dedicated and passionate about making beautiful, unique and handmade jewelry….creations that breathe forever and take on a timeless quality. My mission is to design original pieces that motivate my customers to celebrate what is authentic about themselves, firmly believing adornment enlightens the mind and inspires the creative passion, allowing every woman to express her individual personality in a very special way. I am not about the trend of fashion I am about the aesthetic and soul of something more innate and making something that someone will really feel great and special when wearing, that to me is an awesome feeling. I’ve been designing, creating and selling jewelry since I was a kid, it has always been an extension of my art with both sharing a very similar creative process. When I’m designing a necklace for instance, I let the materials speak to me, I spread them out in front of me and start composing much like I would a painting and feel like I am collaging much the same way I am collaging with my art.”

The Micci Cohan Collection collection is sexy, artistic, and expressive. Her Bohemian style pieces are sold internationally and have gained a loyal following around the globe with such celebrities as Esperanza Spalding, and Nourah, a renowned Japanese belly dancer to name a few, wearing them. If you have an eye for something that will catch everyone else’s eye, these pieces are for you; timeless, vivid creations to collect and cherish forever. Her distinctive artistic signature in her art as well as her sense of style expresses itself equally with her jewelry. Taking elements from different cultures and times and combining them with newer contemporary elements she creates something completely fresh and wholly unique. Think global bohemian meets tribal meets ethnic-glam. Her designs are inspired by cultures from around the world, fashion, art and her travels. Much of her collection is beautifully crafted and sometimes up-cycled from a wide range of materials she has collected over time including: Glass and natural stone beads, Swarovski crystals, shells, antique tassels, antique and vintage chains, beads, charms, and pendants. See more of  the MICCI COHAN NYC collection here: http://www.pinterest.com/miccicohan/micci-cohan-nyc-jewelry/  Visit the store


Micci Cohan NYC Jewelry blog


Nourah wearing My “Unity Dream Catcher” necklace on tour with Boom Pam



Micci Cohan NYC Jewlery Summer long tribal tassel necklace 45





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Art Teacher Sean Scully

by on August 13, 2014

I have so much gratitude for the many wonderful teachers I’ve had in my life. While studying painting at Parson’s I was really lucky to have had Sean Scully as a teacher. Scully, an Irish-born American-based painter and print-maker has twice been named a Turner Prize nominee and his work is collected in major museums worldwide. Yesterday before I started painting I found myself searching you tube for some videos, perhaps a great artist lecture or interview and there it was, this awesome film on Scully that I’m sharing below here. Seriously if have the time this is inspiring to say the least, watch all the way to the end!  I loved also how they filmed him teaching, so cool to see he was still teaching, seeing him in a classroom speaking to his students just totally reminded me of how his way of teaching was just so his own and special, always the great story teller he was~ Below is a picture of me in front of one of his paintings at the Metroploitan Musuem of Art. When I was his student and first saw his work when he took us to his studio I was too young to really fully understand it, it wasn’t till a couple years later during my Met visits and standing in front of his work that I started to totally understand and really feel them and then I couldn’t get enough of them. His level of commitment to pure abstraction: to its emotional power, its storytelling potential, and, above all, its capacity to convey light is so inspirational. He is looking for how to capture the sensation of light, space and movement in geometric rhythm. This is the reason why Scully’s rectangular structures are not decorative. What we find is an explicit analysis of shape and feeling.

“I do believe abstraction is and was meant to embody deep emotion. I believe that’s its job, in the history of art.”
- Sean Scully

micci-cohan-metropolitan-museum-of-art NY


The film below presents one of the most fascinating and popular abstract painters of our times. The process of painting is accompanied by Scully’s biographical tales and reflections when he talks about the complicated relationship with his parents, the disaster that was his childhood and his past as a member of an Irish street gang in London. And about his overwhelming ambition to become an artist and his troublesome path to recognition and success. Alongside the artist’s own reflections on his past we accompany him to the opening of a major retrospective in Barcelona and see him as a teacher with his students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. With rare openness, Scullytells about his trauma and backlashes as well as about the exciting creative process and the closeness to failure. It is the portrait of a man who, against all obstacles, has followed his own artistic creed: “Art comes from need”.

Love these two interviews!

>INTERVIEW WITH SEAN SCULLY by Jörg Zutter from NGA / National Gallery of Australia website


Micci Cohan Contemporary art blog ny



I though the ending of this film was beautifully & brilliant with him holding his son to U2′s , The ‘Moment of Surrender’ song!